March 10, 2009

Race Riot In NY High School

Spring Valley, NY -- Rockland County Police arrested 16 students at Ramapo High School after a race-riot broke out in the cafeteria.

Hispanic gang bangers attacked White kids- but got the surprise of their lives when the Whites banded together and kicked the shit out of them!

School officials are looking into "possible gang activity" and may permanently expel anyone found to be a gang member.

I congratulate the White students at Ramapo High School for exhibiting racial brotherhood. It is once again dawning on we White people that whenn our team is attacked, we must all stand together.

The same way that blacks stick together, hispanics stick together, we Whites must stick together as a team. Our uniform is the color of our skin. Do not be afraid to think this way despite all the pressure put upon you to do otherwise.

White pride is just as valid as Black Pride or Latino pride. No one calls the blacks or latinos "racists" for sticking together. We Whites are tired of being called racists when we do exactly the same thing as the black and latinos.

We Whites will not accept the racial double-standard anymore.

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