August 2, 2008

After more than eight years on the air and on the internet, The Hal Turner Show ended on July 30, 2008

It was a good run, but one which exacted a heavy price on me and my family.

In the eight years that I did my show, I became the number one, most-listened-to, pro-White media personality in the world! More than twenty-Five million people visited my web site, hundreds of thousands tuned-in to my show or downloaded archives of it each week.

The show and web site became wildly popular because I expressed publicly, views and opinions that almost everyone thinks, but dare not say publicly for fear of being smeared as a racist or bigot. I let loose with my opinions, based on my life experience, no matter who didn't like it and did so using the language of the common man. I also allowed my audience to call-in and speak on the air uncensored, with no call screening. No subject was taboo.

This type of free speech was unparalleled on talk radio and quickly drew the ire of the politically-correct crowd who lambasted the show as "hate radio." It wasn't. I and my audience spoke the truth and they hated hearing it!

When our focus shifted to matters political, the folks in elected office got nervous. It was routine for us to hearken back to the days of the Founding Fathers and talk about using the solutions they employed: Using guns to straighten out defiant politicians, judges and the like. These remarks drew the attention of the FBI, US Marshall Service and, when the comments regarded the President, the US Secret Service. We feared none of them.

One of the greatest difficulties in keeping the show on the air for 8 years was raising funds. While everyone SAYS they support free speech, potential advertisers decided the show was "too controversial." As such, the show had to rely on listener support which was not always forthcoming.

After eight years of being on the air, of updating this site every day, of suffering the slings and arrows of the politically-correct and investigations by virtually every alphabet agency in the federal government, it just got to be too annoying without accomplishing much.

I decided in early July 2008 that I would end the show because the time for talking is over. The time for action is here.

Instead of telegraphing my thoughts in public, I now move to the shadows with my brethren to take sudden, dramatic, irreversible, direct action.

Let us be like surgeons; carving out the cultural, religious, social and political cancer which is killing our nation.

Let us enjoy the hunt as we make trophies of "men" who are little more than beasts infesting urban Serengeti's that used to be our cities.

It is time once again for Whites to rule the night.

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Bear in mind that from 2000-2005, I was doing five shows a week, so there's an awful lot to send to them. I'll get it done so this way, at the end of July when my site and show end, you folks will have eight years worth of shows from me. Enjoy them.

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