September 10, 2008

If "Lipstick on a pig is still a pig" then is a half White/Half Black still a nigger?"

A big bruhaha is developing over the quite crass remarks made by Barak Obama about GOP Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin.

During the GOP convention, Palin said the only difference between a Hockey Mom (like her) and a Pitbull was lipstick. I thought that was a terrific way to say she would be tenacious.

Barak Obama then crassly said something to the effect of "you can put lipstick on a pig, but its still a pig." Ouch! But hey, politics is hardball and one must be ready for such slings and arrows, which brings me to my question:

If putting lipstick on a pig still leaves you with a pig, does putting half white genes in a nigger still leave you with a nigger?

I wonder how Obama would answer that?

Hardball goes both ways. Ain't politics grand?

-- Hal Turner

Klansman FREE after conviction for 1964 negro deaths overturned

A US appeals court has overturned the conviction of a former Ku Klux Klansman jailed last year over the deaths of two black teenagers in Mississippi in 1964.

James Ford Seale, 72, was serving three life terms on charges of kidnapping and conspiracy over the deaths.

The court agreed with arguments by Mr Seale's lawyer that a legal time limit for prosecuting the case had lapsed.

Dozens of black people were killed in the 1950s and 1960s by white people wanting to preserve racial segregation.

Former policeman Mr Seale's case is one of many recently revived by US prosecutors hoping to punish unsolved crimes from the era of the civil rights movement.

Charles Eddie Moore and Henry Hezekiah Dee were both aged 19 when they were killed.

They were said to have been kidnapped and forced into a vehicle owned by Mr Seale before being tied up and drowned in the Mississippi river.

Their bodies were found months later during a search for three well-known civil rights activists - Michael Schwerner, Andrew Goodman and James Chaney - who had disappeared in the area.

The investigation into the campaigners' disappearance was dramatised in the 1988 Hollywood film, Mississippi Burning.

'Life disrupted'

The 5th US Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the lower court had failed to recognise a statute of limitations applied to the case.

Mr Seale's lawyer, Kathy Nester, had argued that a 1972 law abolishing the death penalty for kidnapping also imposed a five-year limit in such cases.

The appeals court ruling noted that the alleged crimes took place in 1964, while the indictment against Mr Seale was issued in 2007.

Ms Nester told the Associated Press news agency the ruling effectively dismissed the case against her client but said prosecutors may take the case to another appeals court.

Thomas Moore, the brother of one of the dead teenagers, told AP he felt the truth about the murder had been revealed.

"This [ruling] doesn't take one ounce away from me," Mr Moore said.

"James Ford Seale has spent more than a year in jail. I know I have disrupted his life."

'Dumped alive'

Mr Seale was first arrested in 1964 but authorities freed him, citing lack of evidence.

The charges were dropped at the time because local police were colluding with the Ku Klux Klan, federal prosecutors have said.

He was rearrested in January 2007 after he was found to be very much alive - despite his relatives' claims that he had died.

Mr Seale, who has cancer and growths on his bones, was sentenced last year to serve time in a prison that could provide the medical care he needed.

The key witness in his trial, confessed Klansman Charles Marcus Edwards, said during the trial that Mr Seale attached heavy weights to the boys and dumped them alive into the river.

But the defence had argued that Mr Edwards, who was granted immunity for his testimony, was an "admitted liar".

September 9, 2008

N.Y. Governor Accuses GOP of covert racism by calling Obama a "Community Organizer"

New York Governor David Patterson today slammed the McCain campaign as racist because during the Republican Convention, speakers repeatedly referred to Barak Obama as a "community organizer." Patterson says such a term is a "code word" for "Black."

OK, the jig is up. You caught us. Yes, that's exactly what we meant when using the term "community activist."

Now that the cat's out of the bag, we are free to use more blunt language so kindly allow me to do so: I do not want a half-breed negro prancing around the White House in a loin cloth, smoking crack or getting blow-jobs from queers in the Oval office.

I see no reason at all to allow a Communistic negro to occupy the most powerful political office on earth. I see no reason at all to allow a sub-human to do for the United States, what his sub-human pals have done in their countries like Zimbabwe, South Africa and other black-run failed states.

In fact, I see no reason at all to allow simian-like Barak Obama to do for our whole nation what his fellow simian-like American Blacks have done to major cities here in the USA. One need only look at what Sharpe James did to Newark, NJ, what David Dinkins did to New York City or, more recently, how Kwame Kilpatrick handled Detroit.

Wherever blacks run things, those things are totally corrupt, grossly dysfunctional and ultimately, complete failures. America deserves better.

John McCain is certainly not my ideal candidate, but I will _consider_ voting for him BECAUSE HE IS WHITE. Call me racist, I don't care and there's nothing anyone can do about it.

There, I said it. I feel much better now!

Hal Turner
1906 Paterson Plank Road
North Bergen, NJ 07047-1900

September 7, 2008

Obama slips on national TV: "My Muslim Faith"

Barak Obama committed quite a gaff on the ABC News Sunday showing of "This Week" with George Stephanopoulis. During the interview, Obama says "John McCain has not spoken about my Muslim faith."

Very quickly thereafter, Stephanopoulis corrects him, saying "your Christian faith" and Obama then says that!

See it for yourself below:

U.S.A. Waves Good-Bye To Prosperity. . . . and Democracy!

All the cheering at the Democrat and Republican conventions over the past few weeks hasn't been in support of whoever is to be elected; it has been waving good-bye to America's prosperity.

This is how freedom dies. . . . . . to thunderous applause!

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Gov't Takes Over Two Giant Financial Entities; Fannie Mae & Freddi Mac

In an astonishing and unprecedented move, the federal government of the United States has taken over two giant mortgage entities, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

This is the biggest takeover of financial institutions since the Great Depression and proves yet again that my warnings about financial collapse were prescient.

The worst is yet to come. . . . .

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