March 23, 2009

Police Officer reveals FEMA Plans; This Wednesday evening on The Hal Turner Show

This Wednesday evening, March 25, 2009 at 9:00 PM eastern US Time, "The Hal Turner Show" will kick-off it's return to the airways with blockbuster news!

A Police Officer who attended FEMA meetings at his local police department, was made thoroughly aware of federal plans to be implemented in the USA at the end of August or early September. He has revealed those plans to me and they are terrifying.

Get accustomed to the words "federalized" "voucher" "check points" and "dissident" because you're going to start hearing them a lot.

If you ever wondered how the people of the old Soviet Union allowed themselves to fall so far into totalitarianism, you won't wonder after September-- you'll be living it.

This is going to be the single most important Hal Turner Show ever aired, so tune-in this coming Wednesday night at 9:00 PM. Spread the word.