September 16, 2008

**** BREAKING NEWS **** Ninety Percent of failed mortgage loans made to NON-Whites!

In a stunning revelation, a back-office senior supervisor at a large hedge fund has told me that more than ninety percent of failed Collateralized Debt Obligations (CDO's) that have caused the huge financial crisis, were made to non-Whites!

In fact, several million bad CDO's were made not only to non-Whites but also to ILLEGAL ALIEN non-Whites!

If this wasn't so dangerous for the rest of us, it would be poetic justice: The whole "embrace diversity" crowd has brought us all to the brink of financial destruction with their religious-like fanaticism!

What totally amazes me is the absolute media blackout of these facts. In whose interest is it to conceal this truth? What purpose could be served by concealing it?

More information as it becomes available. . . . . . .