September 17, 2008

Gold Jumps + $90 per ounce in one day! Biggest single increase in history!

The price of Gold shot up by more than $90 per ounce today in vigorous trading, to hit $870.90, the largest single day increase in history. Gold later closed at $850 per ounce, still a $70 increase.

This is the final act in the economic collapse of the United States, as "those-in-the-know" get out of the stock market and out of the banks and buy up all the gold and silver they can before the final, total, economic collapse.

By the end of this week, Gold will once again hit all-time highs of more than $1030 per ounce as more and more people seek a safe haven for what little money they have left.

To put this is terms that even a moron can understand, the USA is now akin to the Titanic.

In December, 2006, I was on lookout and saw the iceberg dead ahead when the federal reserve announced it would cease publishing the M3 data in 90 days. I warned that without the M3 being reported, there would be no way that anyone could possibly know how much "one dollar" was actually worth because no one would know how many dollars existed in the world.

Even though I - and others - sounded this warning, no one even bothered to try steering us away from the iceberg.

We struck the iceberg in March 2007 when the Fed did, in fact, stop publishing the M3 data (amount of cash printed and put into circulation).

By June 2007, foreign investment into the US was down ninety percent with many not only refusing to buy US debt, but also removing what funds they had here. The USA, like the Titanic, was going down by the head.

With cash being pulled out of the US at enormous rates, the Banks started having "liquidity problems" in September of last year. They had loaned out all their deposits and didn't have enough on hand to fill customer demands to get money out.

By March 2008, the "sub-prime mortgage crisis" hit with full impact. There were so many non-performing loans and so many others pulling their money out that banks and brokerage houses couldn't even hide their lack of cash anymore.

This was sort of like the nose of the Titanic being underwater and the ass end of the ship having risen into the air - and that's a really BIG ass.

The hull (banking system) was never designed to take that kind of stress and so it began splitting apart -- with the collapse of Bear Stearns, then Lehman Brothers, the urgent sale of Merrill Lynch to Bank of America and so on.

As the splitting of the hull finished, the head of the Titanic was still underwater, but the ass end was once again level and above water. People on the back of the ship thought things were safe again. Boy were they wrong.

The ass end of the ship - our retail economy including retail banking - are now grinding slowly to a halt -- filling up with water. Very soon, the ass end of the ship will rise back into the air then, finally and dramatically, sink.

Nothing could save the Titanic and nothing can save the United States.

We have been spent into oblivion by our own federal government and allowed to go so far over our heads by the greedy jew bankers that nothing can stop it.

The end isn't far off. Those with gold and silver are sort of like the Titanic passengers with life jackets after the ship sank. Those with life jackets (gold and silver) at least have some hope of surviving or being rescued. The others will all drown.

The stock market is sort of like the Band playing on the deck of the Titanic as the ship sinks; it provides entertainment but its fate is also sealed.

That is the fate of the United States we see unfolding before our very eyes.

Those images will be in my mind as I and men like me, take revenge upon those responsible for this calamity.

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