September 16, 2008

Princeton Economist Says U.S. Banking Network "could disintegrate within days"

The fallout of the Lehman Brothers financial collapse has yet to be fully realized, but one Economist from Princeton University says the U.S. banking network could disintegrate within days.

Ahhhh, yes. This is September, 2008, isn't it? This is, in fact, the very month that I warned the U.S. economy would collapse, isn't it? Now, it appears to be happening.

What? No pithy comeback from all you smart-asses who told me I was chicken little shouting the sky is falling? No arrogant condescension from all you holier than thou douchebags who belittled and besmirched me? No more "Thank God and Greyhound" from the dimwits at Barrett's No smears from the ass twerps or their bankrupt commander at (ANSWP) ?

Gee, the silence is deafening.

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