October 31, 2008

Africa Press: scam artists over non-existent Obama audio tape

The big bru-ha-ha caused by "Africa Press International" (API) concerning an alleged tape of Michelle Obama, seems to be a complete scam orchestrated by an African bullshit artist.

I have obtained a telephone intercept from my sources in the National Security Agency, that intercepted a telephone call between Ed Hale of Plains Radio in Texas and Chief Editor Korir of Africa Press International.

The phone call took place on October 19, 2008, Mr Hale was in Texas and Mr. Korir was in Oslo, Norway. (NSA routinely intercepts all telephone communications between the USA and foreign countries.)

Despite appearing to have worked out all the details, in writing, on October 20, Mr. Korir never sent the alleged Michelle Obama tape to Mr. Hale.

Mr. Korir then claimed that the reason he didn't send it was because the tape would have been suppressed and issued public statements saying he was negotiating with FOX NEWS channel to air the tape on the Sean Hannity Show.

As all of you know, Sean Hannity and I have a history, so it wasn't hard at all for me to reach out and get the real scoop.

There have NOT been any negotiations between Mr. Korir and FOX News or Sean Hannity. Mr. Korir's claims to the contrary seem to be just titillating nonsense designed to gain attention for himself.

Today is October 31. Mr. Korir has allegedly been "trying" to get his Michelle Obama tapes broadcast in the US for over eleven days. That, in and of itself, should convince everyone this guy is full of shit.

We are just four days away from the most important election on this planet, to decide who will occupy the most powerful political and military office on this planet. . . . . and this negro in Oslo thinks he can fuck around and get away with it. He is wrong.

Unless Mr. Korir releases the tape he claims to have and releases it BY Saturday at 5:00 PM Oslo, Norway time, I will send my Neo-Nazi skinheads to his office in Oslo to teach this huckster a lesson about screwing around with American elections.

Click here to listen to a partial disclosure of the NSA-intercepted telephone call