October 30, 2008

The US Government no longer represents the American People. If Election Day doesn't fix things, the "Founding Fathers Solution" may be needed!

As the election approaches, I want to provide you with a vivid and timely example of why the United States federal government no longer represents the American people.

Prior to the $700 Billion "Wall Street Bailout" bill, calls, letters, faxes and e-mails to members of Congress were running three-hundred to one (300:1) AGAINST the bailout. Yet despite citizen objections, Congress went ahead and voted to approve the bailout anyway.

Today, we find out that one of the firms who received $12 Billion of those bailout funds, Goldman Sachs, is preparing to pay $14 Billion in bonuses to its people!!!!!

Congress gave them $12 Billion of our taxpayer money and Goldman Sachs is preparing to spend $14 Billion on bonuses to the very people responsible for the company needing the bailout!

Next Tuesday is Election Day. The entire House of Representatives and one-third of the Senate are up for re-election. They deserve to be thrown out on their asses. It would be the best thing for our nation and would also be completely legal and bloodless.

If, however, the American people are so stupid as to re-elect the political bums who defy "the will of the people," then I will judge my fellow citizens as being unworthy of continued self-government.

I feel that making such a judgment would release me from any apprehension I might have about nullifying the votes of those citizens by direct action against those they put back in office.

Our Founding Fathers revolted against the King of England over a three percent tax without representation. This one Bailout Bill by Congress is an order of magnitude worse than what King George did and was approved through defacto lack of representation.

If it was good enough for our founding fathers to overthrow their government by force over a three percent tax, then I believe we would be justified in doing the same thing over a $700 Billion bailout that congress enacted in defiance of our 300:1 objection.

A lot of Americans feel as I do. In fact, enough of us feel that way that we now have the ability to carry out such an overthrow. With our military totally overstretched in foreign wars, there are not enough soldiers here at home to prevent the overthrow of the government.

I hope our fellow citizens are not stupid enough to re-elect the very political scum that refuses to represent our will. If my fellow citizens are, in fact, that stupid, then I am of the opinion their ignorance would make it necessary to overthrow the people they re-elect.

We can if we have to and it would not be wrong to do so.

Full details of the Goldman Sachs Bonuses Here