November 30, 2008

Government deliberately poisoning illicit drugs as they enter the country

In an effort to finally break the heroin and cocaine drug cartels, Law enforcement agents working for the US federal government have begun intentionally poisoning shipments of cocaine and heroin then allow those shipments to proceed into the country!

According to well-placed sources of mine inside the US Coast Guard, the Drug Enforcement Administration and the US Border Patrol, drug interdiction crews have been equipped with a chemical compound named Levamisole. When law enforcement agents stop a ship or plane to inspect it for drugs, they inject the Levamisole into any kilos of cocaine or heroin they find.

The crews of ships and planes that are being inspected have no way of knowing their drug shipments have been tainted, and are simply allowed to go on their way; delivering the tainted drugs into the US and Canada.

When a person uses the tainted cocaine or heroin, the Levamisole causes their immune system to malfunction, making the user immediately susceptible to life-threatening infections. Users who come down with an infection develop life-threatening symptoms within days and often die.

Since there is no way of knowing which drug shipments were interdicted and tainted, there is no way to determine if ANY cocaine or heroin is safe. The government knows this will instill widespread fear among casual drug users.

As the news media begins reporting stories about the tainted drugs it will drive people away from drugs, thus defunding the drug cartels and the crime they commit.

Since no drug couriers will admit to being stopped in-transit for fear of not being paid for their drugs, no one will find out about the tainted drugs until it is too late.

It is thought by government that this will drive a stake through the heart of the illicit drug trade within a very short time.

Symptoms of the failed immune system include skin growths and lung infections followed by fever and death.

If you or anyone you know is a casual user of illicit drugs, I urge you to stop using immediately and to spread this information as fast as possible. Those who are not told will die.