November 27, 2008

Had enough of government? QUIT!

Sometimes, accepting things as they are is what keeps us from fixing things that need to be fixed. Our frame of reference for life is sometimes tunnel-vision; we keep so focused on what IS, that we lose sight of what CAN BE; to use a cliche' sometimes we can't see the forest for the trees. Government is a case in point.

What is "government?" The dictionary definition is a bit cumbersome, but in essence, "government" is a social construct wherein a group of people (the body politic) decide together what will be their laws and grant to certain persons the power to administer on behalf of that body politic.

So . . . . . . . We The People decide what our government will be. It's that simple.

If you think I'm incorrect, consider the actual history of this nation. The Pilgrims came here, settled, farmed the land, elected some amongst them to be a government and life went on from there. So in fact, the "government" of this land started simply because a group of people here DECIDED to start it.

We have that same power. Right now. Today. I think it is time we use it because the conglomeration of government that we have now sucks.

At present, we in the United States live under multiple layers of government. At the local level, it is a Village, Borough, Town, Township or City. Then there's the County level, with its own government. Above that is the State, with its own government and beyond that is the federal government.

All of those entities overlap; they all demand our allegiance and they all maintain means to punish us if we don't do what they say. As such, we seem to be stuck; save for elections where we (maybe) have a chance to change things.

I say we have a better alternative. Since "government" is "the body politic" then by the natural right of free association, we can choose to form and join a different body politic. Our own. With our own laws and our own people in authority.

Put simply, instead of continuing with our multiple layers of abusive, expensive and dysfunctional government, we can simply quit. Resign.

We can then meet together to form our own, new, government, with whoever chooses to be part of our body politic.

The implications of the simple act of "resigning" from all the existing political entities is enormous. If we resign, we don't owe them any duty of allegiance. Their laws do not apply to us and we don't have to pay them taxes because we are not part of their political entity anymore.

Of course, this is not to say that we suddenly have some ridiculous right to go out and rape, rob, pillage, burn or kill. That's just stupid and those things violate "natural law."

Of course, the downside is that the entity we quit doesn't have to do anything for us; no police protection, no fire department, no ambulance service, etc. But if we form our own, new political entity, we can buy and staff those things ourselves.

Think about this for a moment. If we quit one political entity and join a new one, then pay that new one for the services we need, want and desire, we can save huge amounts of money by redirecting our "taxes" to the new entity, thus starving to death the existing entity.

All those people feeding at the present public trough? Starve! All those unionized teachers who have, for years, failed to educate? Starve! All those bureaucrats meddling in our affairs? De-fanged and powerless. All those Judges who ignore our rights? Gone.

I already hear you saying "But Hal, they'll send their cops to arrest us, drag us into their courts and force us to do what they want." They'd certainly try. . . . . but what if, when they did send THEIR cops, OUR cops protected us? Their system would have to fight our system and when push comes to shove, things could get dicey - but then again, maybe not.

What if we begin meeting to set up new government? It is absolutely legal to do so because all political power rests inherently with "The People."

So, we begin meeting, we figure out what we want and don't want in this new government, we set forth a Constitution or Declaration of Principals and then, when we've got it done, we begin "selling" the idea to our fellow citizens.

The crux of the sales pitch will be freedom, property rights and saving money. We will be able to show folks how their lives will be more free and far less expensive when we form a new government without all the "social justice" bullshit that presently has millions of lazy, useless, pigs feeding at the government tit.

Then, on an agreed-upon date, EVERYONE who wants to join this new entity, "resigns" from the existing entities.

Now, who do you think would join this new entity? Rugged individualists. The folks who work hard, pay their own way and resent-like-hell what they have to fork-over in support of our now-collapsing country. We'd get the cream of the crop! In one fell swoop, the existing system loses all of its producers; those of us slaving to fund them.

The governments that see this happening to themselves would try to use force to stop it, but what force would they have? The "producers" in law enforcement might like the idea of more freedom and saving huge amounts of money. They could very well come aboard with US!

The existing government might not have enough power - and certainly wouldn't have enough money - to force the issue. The existing government would wither and die very quickly from their own bloat.

An interesting side benefit? The national debt . . . . wouldn't exist for the new entity because the new entity didn't borrow the money. The old entity did. We can walk away and leave the old system holding the bag! When their creditors come calling we can just say They borrowed it; collect it from them!

This is not far fetched. It CAN be done. Without a shot being fired.

Instead of participating in their rigged elections, hoping and praying things change, we just bow-out of their system and start our own. Brand new. Fresh start.

Would it be a big undertaking? Yes. Is it worth it? Oh yea! Should we start trying? I say, yes.

Who is with me?