November 27, 2008

Mumbai Terror was retaliation by pirates!!!!

The terrorist attacks perpetrated in Mumbai, India today were the work of Somali Pirates as revenge for the sinking of a pirate "mother ship" by the Indian navy!

Indian Army commandos have been battling to free hostages being held by the terrorists behind a string of attacks across Mumbai that have left 125 people dead.

Among those killed in the coordinated strikes on the Indian coastal city are 14 police officers, one national guardsman and six foreign nationals.

According to sources in the US Intelligence community, the National Security Agency intercepted "chatter" which confirms there is a direct connection between the attacks in Mumbai and pirates operating off the coast of Somalia.

Over the past few years, Somali pirates have seized almost 100 ships and gotten millions in ransom from shipping companies. They used those millions to buy more sophisticated arms and communications gear including satellite phones which the NSA can intercept.

According to the intelligence sources with whom I spoke today, the pirates have now used that sophisticated gear to strike at India for its Navy sinking a pirated vessel earlier this month.

More details as they become available. . . . . check back.