November 23, 2008

Only the ignorant believe racial issues are about skin color

I have had it "up to here" with the hundreds of ignorant dingbats who write me saying things like "skin color doesn't matter" and "racists are afraid of people who are different."

The simple truth is that race matters. It defines so much about a person and a society that it is an indispensable, essential criteria. To ignore it is as irresponsible as one can get.

Different races of people, like different breeds of dogs, not only look different, they come with different levels of intelligence and different behavioral characteristics. These are facts. Irrefutable facts. They cannot be argued no matter how badly you feel about these facts. Here's proof:

What white person do you know who pronounces the word "bathroom" as "bafroom?"
What white person do you know who pronounces "ask" as "aks?"

When a natural disaster strikes, when have you ever seen White people looting?

When an unpopular court ruling or jury verdict comes out, when have you seen White people riot and burn down their own neighborhood?

The answer to all the questions above: Rarely if ever.

Let's move beyond the simple to the more relevant. In school tests from grammar school, to middle school, to high school, to college, who consistently scores the lowest?

Do the tests see the color of the person taking them and somehow magically change the questions? No. Certain races consistently score well, while other races consistently score low.

In matters of finance, who had such consistently lousy track records for repaying their debts that banks "red-lined" certain neighborhoods, refusing to grant anymore credit? It wasn't the white neighborhoods.

Even delivery services have real-life experience in such matters: Which neighborhoods do pizza delivery companies, UPS, FedEx and DHL have to halt deliveries because they get robbed so often? It isn't rural farming communities. It isn't the suburbs. It isn't the white neighborhoods in the cities, it is the non-white areas where service must be consistently stopped - not out of "racism" but because attacks and robberies are the norm.

Now, let's move on to far larger examples; entire societies.

Where on the continent of Africa have major, advanced civilizations ever existed? Outside of Apartheid-controlled South Africa, only white-influenced Egypt can boast of any kind of advanced civilization. The entire rest of the continent of Africa is still pretty much in the dark ages.

Is that because of the land? The trees? The plants? No. It is because of the people.

Africa is a direct reflection of the inherent capabilities (or lack thereof) of the people who live there. Mud huts with grass roofs and dirt floors.

Example after example exist which reinforce the facts set forth above.

Look at all the advancements in Art, music, literature, medicine, science, technology, business, industry, finance. Certain races excel at these things while others don't have a clue.

Race matters. Race is more than simply skin color.

Lets forget the rest of the world and focus for a minute right here in the USA. In EVERY city run by a black, the city suffers from rampant crime, rampant violence, and political corruption.
From Sharpe James in Newark, NJ to NJ state Senator Wayne Bryant, blacks in politics are corrupt or incompetent.

Under its first and only Black Mayor, David Dinkins, New York City had the worst crime and murder rate in the nation, with 2600 people killed each year. When Rudy Guliani took over, the crime rate dropped to around 600 murders per year.

Look at Washington, DC under black Mayor Marion Barry; the murder capitol of America, with the Mayor himself caught smoking crack cocaine!

Look at Congressman Jefferson in the US House of Representatives, caught with 100,000 in bribe money stored in his freezer!

The list of failed or corrupt Black politicans is amazing. They simply cannot be trusted. They simply cannot govern.

That's why I oppose Barack Obama even being considered for President. His race indicates to me he is simply incapable of handling the job. If you don't see that, you're either stupid, or brainwashed.

Is there a role for blacks in the world? Of course! Who can listen to Tina Turner, Diana Ross, Lionel Ritchie, Whitney Houston and others and not be enthralled by their spectacular talent? Who can watch athletic events and not be stunned by the magnificent achievements of blacks?
Who could detract from the hero black firemen who died in the World Trade center trying to save others on 9-11?

I guess what I'm trying to get across is that there is a role for all of us in this life. But when it comes to law, leadership, governance, inventing and wisdom, let's not deceive ourselves. All the races are not equal. They have never been and never will be.

For years, I have been attacked, ridiculed, besmirched and demonized for seeing the truth and speaking the truth.

In those years, I have tried - desperately - to see the point of view of those who disagree with me.

I finally figured out why I cannot see their point of view: I just can't seem to get my head that far up my ass.

- Hal Turner