December 26, 2008

2009 will be the year of the long knives

During the week between Christmas and New Years, lots of media outlets like to offer "year in review" stories. Not me. I'm going to offer "the New Year Preview."


I think 2009 is going to be the year of the long knives. I think there is going to be bloodshed on an unprecedented level, right here in America.

In talking with friends, relatives and others during this holiday season, I have become convinced that the people responsible for the financial meltdown, which is still wrecking our economy, are likely to be attacked, beaten and killed.

I was quite taken when I heard regular, common, hard-working folks talking about physically hurting local big shots / stock brokers / bankers. These common people were openly describing what they envision. Let me recap some of the things they said: (These are not my comments)

"When (Editor's note: oooops, I forgot the name) is coming out of his ritzy office building, me and my friends who lost our life savings are going to hit him in the head with a baseball bat then, when he falls down, kick him to death on the ground."

Another older gentlemen, in his mid 60's (sorry, I don't remember what he looks like or what his name is) described his desire to "walk up behind (ooops, I forgot the name again) and hit him in the head with the claw part of a claw hammer."

It was the middle-aged, married guys who have kids that struck me as the most-vicious. Several of them spoke of laying-in-wait with a high powered rifles until the local stock broker / banker / big-business-guy-who-outsourced-all-the-jobs, is sitting in his living room watching TV. I could see the twinkle in their eyes as they spoke about "firing a rifle shot through the living room window into the head" of their target.

I actually chuckled at that one. In my minds eye I pictured the hot shot, master-of-the-universe, sitting comfy-cozy in his opulent home then, suddenly, the window breaks and his head goes splat! I dunno, it just struck me as "justice."

Other folks - and these are people who have already lost much of their retirement money or money they saved for their child's college -- were downright nasty about what they want to do. One guy in particular (his name escapes me) said he wants to set fire to a particular Brokers house then shotgun the Broker and his family to death as they flee the flames.

I took issue with this guy, saying I didn't think it was right going after the Broker's family. He replied, "Why shouldn't I? The Broker ruined the future for MY entire family!"

Good point.

Yes, it seems to me the New Year Preview is one of blood, guts and gore. It appears to me that the rich are going to get pulled out of their houses and have the crap kicked out of them by common people who no longer give a shit that doing so is illegal.

You rich guys are in deep do-do. If I were you, I'd start looking over my shoulder.