December 30, 2008

Analyst: U.S.A. to suffer civil war & break apart

Back on November 25, this blog reported that a prominent Russian analyst was predicting Civil War inside the United States and ultimately, the breaking apart of the country. You can read what I first reported HERE

Low and behold, no less than "The Wall Street Journal" is now reporting the exact same thing!

Not only did I run the story more than a month before them, the fact that they are now running the story should send shivers down your spine. It means "the powers that be" see it coming too.

For eight years I worked hard to make certain my audience got the real news and got it first. Here again is proof that not only am I ahead of the curve, I am "spot-on" when it comes to the truly important things.

I probably don;t need to say this but I will. The ONLY purpose for breaking up the USA is to make certain "you-know-who" doesn't have to answer to anyone for what they do. For those of you who aren;t sure who "you-know-who" is, they're the same people that had to flee the old Soviet Union after it broke up. . . . . . you know, the Lenin co-religionists. . . . . . Oy Vey!

I say we should avoid the break up by causing the Lenin co-religionists to flee the USA right now! History could what we do as "Kyrstalnacht II?"

Heck, we already have the REX-84 camps set up and ready. Let's use them!

Read the WSJ story here