December 30, 2008

Madoff Insanity Defense: "Years of Jewish Inbreeding Caused Racial Psychosis"

New York, NY -- Just when you thought the Bernard Madoff $50 Billion ponzi scheme couldn't get any more incredible, this latest development hits the ball right out of the ballpark!

As we all know by now, for over 30 years Bernard Madoff swindled investors out of upwards of $50 Billion dollars.

He was arrested by the FBI just weeks ago after admitting to his employees and to his sons that his entire operation was "one big lie."

Now, Madoff's lawyers are publicly saying they may be exploring an insanity defense, but that's not the BIG news. The big news is what that defense may be based upon: Generations of Jewish inbreeding!

According to sources in the legal community, Bernard Madoff's lawyers may try to argue that centuries of Judaism required his ancestors to breed only with other Jews and often, that meant with cousins. They allegedly plan to argue the inbreeding was so genetically close that it created a "lifetime racial psychosis."

Put simply, they apparently intend to argue that Jews are nuts!

For guys like me, it doesn't get any better than this.

Full details from the New York Daily News Here