December 18, 2008

Reminder to 4 Wheel Drive & SUV owners

Now that Winter is here, I want to take a moment to remind 4-Wheel Drive and SUV owners about driving in the snow.

Yes, your 4WD/SUV can "go" in bad weather, but going is not the problem; Stopping is the problem; and you guys with 4WD/SUV's can't stop any better than the rest of us!

So as you find yourself driving in the snow, please bear in mind this simple reality: You cannot safely drive at 60 MPH in the snow.

If you think otherwise, I guess we'll see you. . . . . spun out off the road, smashed into the center divider or flipped over into a telephone pole! Oh, and by the way, we WILL be laughing at you as we pass your crash.