December 17, 2008

Rob a store, get jail. Rob $50 Billion, get house arrest.

New York City -- Bernard Maddof, arrested by the FBI last week after admitting he scammed investors out of $50 billion, will not have to stay in jail prior to his trial. Instead, the thieving jew gets to remain in his $7 million Park Avenue apartment!

Not only does this filthy kike get to stay in his luxurious home, the scumbag can still go out! He's under curfew from 9 PM until 7 AM.

It seems to me "the fix" is already in. It already appears this guy is getting special treatment and won't have to face the same punishment as any other thief.

Since special treatment is already being granted to this spawn of satan, it seems only fair that he get some additonal special treatment: Vigilante treatment.

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