December 17, 2008

Snowstorm Covers Las Vegas!

Las Vegas, NV -- Almost 6 inches of "global warming" now covers the famous "Strip" in Las Vegas after the biggest snowstorm in 30 years struck the desert city.

Once again, those claiming the planet is getting warmer are proved dismally wrong.

Global Warming is a farce. Junk science. It is based on deliberately skewed interpretations of scientific data, put forth by social activists with an agenda to control all human activity.

Think about it: The weather folks (meteorologists, climatologists and the like) cannot accurately forecast the weather a mere few days into the future. Why should we believe anything they say when they forecast 50 to 100 years into the future?

In fact, on Monday of this week, the national weather service told us here in the New York City area that we would see snow flurries with no accumulation on Tuesday.
When Tuesday arrived, they repeated the forecast. . . . . only to see more than one inch of snow accumulate on the ground! They couldn't get it right even HOURS before it happened!

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