December 15, 2008

States running out of Unemployment Money!

Just when you thought things financial couldn't get much worse. . . . . state governments are running out of money to pay unemployment benefits!

Who are they turning to for loans? The federal government. A federal government that, incidentally, is already totally bankrupt but continues to exist solely because they have the ability to PRINT cash money!

At the rate they're printing cash, it is no longer a question of IF the U.S. dollar will collapse as a currency, but rather a question of WHEN.

If you have money in the stock market, get it out. Buy gold. Buy silver.

If you have money in Hedge Funds, try to get it out. . . . you may not be able to since a whole slew of them are refusing to allow withdrawals.

The whole system is collapsing under its own weight. I love it. For when the bottom finally falls out and governments can no longer pay the useless eaters, pay for AIDS drugs for third world simians and pay to maintain that synagogue of satan cesspool in the middle east, the world will finally achieve balance.

The useless and evil will die off and save the planet!