December 6, 2008

Supreme Court Swamped by Letters

Washington, DC -- The United States Supreme Court was deluged yesterday with a delivery of 6,682 FedEx packages, each containing nine (9) letters - one for each Justice.

The 60,182 letters were part of an effort to make certain the court reviews the questions surrounding the citizenship of Barack Obama.

Supreme Court Justices do not accept phone calls, faxes or e-mails from the public. They only accept written correspondence. So, web site World Net Daily decided to host an effort to send letters to the court via Fed Ex and their web site visitors came through!

The Supreme Court was so deluged it actually delayed the court from operating yesterday!

As of 6:45 AM this morning, Saturday, December 6, there is still no Order one way or the other regarding the Donofrio Case that was to be discussed by the Justices yesterday.