December 30, 2008

Turner Terrorizes Congress; AGAIN THEY OBEY!

North Bergen, NJ -- Yesterday, I reminded the US government that WE THE PEOPLE have the legal authority under the Tenth Amendment, to arrest our government for aiding and abetting the genocide being perpetrated by Israel against unarmed civilians in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.

I pointed out there will be about four million of us citizens in Washington, DC on January, 20 for the Inauguration and made quite clear I thought it would be something if 100,000 of us came with guns and arrested the House of Representatives, the Senate and outgoing President Bush.

I reminded them we would outnumber and outgun all their cops and soldiers at the Inauguration.

I gave the US Government 24 hours to reign-in their criminal buddies over in Israel and warned they "may face an enforcement action" if they failed.

Here we are, about 24 hours later and guess what? Israel is talking truce!

It appears Congress and the President got my message.

They know my point of law was accurate; the Tenth Amendment is a frighteningly powerful amendment. Read it, it's short and sweet. Basically it says any power not given to the feds by the Constitution, or prohibited by the Constitution to the states, falls to us. . . . . The People.
Real, legal power - for us citizens - in the highest law of the land!

They know there will be four million of us in Washington on January 20 and they are absolutely TERRIFIED at the prospect we might use the Inauguration as a cover to bring a slew of uppity Americans down there with guns to clean house.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: The ONLY thing this government understands is the prospect of force. We don't have to actually USE it (yet) just remind them it still exists.

You see, they don't care what WE THE PEOPLE think, they don't care what WE THE PEOPLE want, they don't care about our phone calls, letters, faxes and e-mails. We know that they don't care and they know that we know. It's the way of things.

The only thing they really DO care about is being able to go about their nefarious activities without being confronted by force. Whenever the real prospect of FORCE is raised to them, they back off.

The same result happened when I published the home addresses of 64 US Senators who defied millions of us by trying to ram-through an AMNESTY bill for illegal aliens. Less than 12 hours after I released their home addresses and private, unlisted telephone numbers, 18 of those 64 senators changed their votes, sending the Amnesty Bill down to permanent defeat.

Learn from this, America. It is our right and our duty to maintain absolute control over OUR government. Mission accomplished once again.

Read my article from yesterday wherein I gave Congress 24 hours to stop Israel

Read the announcement 24 hours later that Israel is calling a truce

P.S. Some of you are wondering how it is they don't "come for me" or just outright kill me? I'll tell you: During the eight years I did my radio show - which ended on July 31 -- I made it clear that I didn't make bombs, I made bombers; American patriots who won't take it anymore.

The feds know that if they come for me, it will unleash a whole slew of Timothy-McVeigh-types and they would rather not have that. Neither would I.

They also know that neither of us (Me and Gov't) is crazy enough to recklessly do something major and violent to the other. We may be opposing powers, but we're not nuts.

So we maintain a strange antagonism with each other. It's weird, but it works when things are important enough.

And so it goes. . . . . .