December 15, 2008

We will have to move against them VERY soon . . . .

The video below will blow your mind. It outlines the plan by world elites to annihilate 90% of the world's population intentionally. It outlines how over 129 underground facilities have already been built to house the elite and above-ground FEMA camps here in the USA will be used to contain the rest of us until we can be done away with.

According to the man being interviewed, Mr. George Green, the whole plan is a fate accompli' and the people who made these plans don't care if we know because they think there's nothing we can do about it.

1) Attack and destroy by force, the people involved in this plan and do so very soon.
2) Go after the facilities they have been building.
3) Come up with communications systems that do not rely on telephones, FAX machines or even computers (via internet) because what they are planning will cut off all those means of communicating.
4) Come up with methods to move clandestinely under martial law situations via undergound tunnels to break free from contained areas.
5) Commit ourselves to carrying out these operations no matter the personal cost

Time appears to be short on this. All the pieces they have been putting together are very very close to being completed.

If we do not take the initiative and strike first, we may never be able to do so.