December 28, 2008

"Why does Israel keep getting away with it?" You ask. . . . .

Once again, Israel is using advanced fighter jets and attack helicopters to bomb the civilian population of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. The poor citizens of those areas have done their best to defend against these fighter jets and helicopters with rocks and sling shots -- the only "weapons" they have. Needless to say, the rocks and sling shots haven't worked.

As of today, almost five hundred unarmed men, women and children have been killed by the Israelis.

When this type of barbarism takes place, many of you inevitably send me e-mails asking "How can they get away with bombing civilians like this?" The answer is very simple:

The United States House of Representatives and the United States Senate vote to send between $3 billion and $6 billion in free "foreign aid" to Israel each and every year.

When the cash arrives in Israel, the Israeli government takes between $200 and $400 million and routes it back into the Untied States via their Jewish political action committees, with instructions.

The instructions tell the groups which members of Congress and which members of the Senate are to get how much donated into their political campaign funds! Congress ignores the atrocities committed by Israel because Israel kicks back millions to congressional political campaigns. It's that simple.

Most of the members of the US Congress and Senate are nothing more than crooks; Lying, cheating bribe-taking criminals who have sold their souls and our national honor to the corruptors from Israel.

After hearing that, many of you write me again asking "If this is so widely known, why won't Judges and U.S. Attorneys take action?" That too, is simple.

Since the Senate that must approve anyone nominated to be a federal Judge, they make sure they approve only those people who have skeletons in their closets. These Judges are susceptible to extortion by members of Congress and so they look the other way whenever Congress quietly tells them to.

The Senate must also give its advice and consent to anyone nominated to become a U.S. Attorney; the guys who are "supposed" to enforce the law.

Like the Judges, most of the U.S. Attorneys they approve also have skeletons in their closet making them susceptible to extortion. Hence, there is little if any enforcement of the law against corrupt members of congress.

If some uppity US Attorney decides to open an investigation into the criminal money-laundering and foreign bribery perpetrated by Israel, Congress tells the US Justice Department that their funding will be cut. The Justice department like every other bureaucracy, needs money, so they shut up.

The criminality being perpetrated by Congress - at least as it relates to Israel - is ignored by every law enforcement and judicial official in the country.

The entire system of government at the federal level of the USA is thus completely, totally, corrupt. There are more criminals in our government than there are in prison! Our government is totally illegitimate.

If these facts don't convince you, just look at how many people have been arrested and indicted in the ongoing financial crisis: Almost none.

Who are the key players in the sub-prime mortgage meltdown? Jewish bankers. Who wrecked the banks by breaching their fiduciary trust? The same Bankers.

Who turned a deliberate blind-eye to the creditworthiness (or rather the lack thereof) of those mortgages when they were bundled into "Collateralized Debt Obligations (CDO's)? The Securities dealers and brokers on Wall Street; the same Oy Vey crowd!

So whether it involves the so-called "state" of Israel, or their collaborators in Banking and Finance here in the US, this same select group of people get a free pass from government no matter what crimes they commit because these key bankers and financial people are all inextricably linked to the ongoing criminal conspiracy that hides behind a religion. That criminal conspiracy disguised as a religion is centered in Israel, and Israel is the key player that launders campaign money back to Congress!

Voting is not going to fix this. Only removing this corruption by . . . . . . unconventional means . . . . . is going to fix it. There will be four million of us in Washington, DC on January 20. If half of us were to come "prepared" we could solve this corruption right then and there.

I advocate removing corruption by unconventional means on January 20, 2009