January 13, 2009

Child named "Adolf Hitler Campbell" seized by NJ state child welfare agency

A boy named Adolf Hitler Campbell and his siblings have been removed from their parents custody by New Jersey child welfare authorities.

No one is explaining why the children were taken but it seems clear to the average person that the state is taking action over the child's name.

This seizing of children appears to be an outrageous mis-use of state power and unless an explanation is forthcoming, state workers in the Division of Youth and Family Services should expect this blog to release the home addresses of all DYFS workers within a few days.

Kimberly S. Ricketts is the acting Commissioner of DYFS and her home address will be the first to go out.

DYFS would do well to consider how many parents whom they have outraged - or worse, whose children they have taken - would enjoy knowing where DYFS workers live.

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