January 20, 2009

Gov't "spins" Bubonic Plague Story to instill public fear

On January 19 at 7:00 PM, I published a breaking news story that the US had unleashed a biological weapons attack against an Al-Qaida training camp. (Story here)

43 minutes later, the Washington Times came out with a "spun" version of the story, claiming Al-Qaida was experimenting with Bubonic Plague and the bug got loose on them, causing 40 deaths.

Which story is more believable; that in the final month of George Bush's Presidency, our government did something really nasty to some very nasty people, OR; the nasty people, who allegedly pulled off the single most coordinated terror attack in history on 9-11, stupidly screwed themselves up?

I'm not sure what to believe. Draw your own conclusion.

Story Here