January 13, 2009

Jews sue Florida County over Prayers & CHristmas Plays; Federal Judge orders schools to stop

Santa Rosa County, FL -- Two jew students who claim to be "offended" by prayers offered in the Santa Rosa County School District, filed a federal lawsuit with the help of the ACLU, demanding the prayers and Christmas Plays be halted.

The students, typical jew cowards, remained anonymous in the legal filings.

U.S. District Court Judge Casey Rodgers, a judicial dimwit worthy of being tuned-up, sided with the kikes.

Thanks to two filthy, rat, jews, an entire school district is forced to stop honoring Almighty God because the jews are "offended. This begs the question, if jews are offended by praying to God, then who do jews claim to worship?

Obviously, their "god" is satan. You would do well to bear this in mind when dealing with jews.

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