January 11, 2009

My Inauguration dream

Washington, DC -- I have a dream for the coming presidential Inauguration.

I dream that a series of civilian-available, electrically-propelled, model-drone-aircraft, sort of like this one
equipped with flight attitude controllers sort of like this
and an onboard GPS guidance system sort of like this
are each fitted with a stick or two of this stuff
and are then are released outside the security perimeter of the Inauguration and guided to the assembled government officials by an RF Link sort of like this
and are then flown right into the members of Congress, the Senate and the outgoing and incoming Presidents who will be outside the US Capitol like sitting ducks!


Then how about this: Balloons filled with Helium to float, then a special little "something" is poured inside. The balloons are tied shut with firecracker fuse. The fuse is lit and the balloons released.

As they float over the inauguration crowd, the burning fuse reaches the balloon and it pops, dropping its "payload" on the crowd below.

Too far fetched? It got tested and it worked! The video of the test appears below.

Watch the video and imagine what payload, other than the index cards taped to the outside of the test balloons, might be substituted? HMMMMM. Might it be something messy? Something smelly? Something contagious? Something deadly? Ahhhh, such possibilities.

There's no way to defend against this. They can't catch the balloons. The can't shoot them because that would release the payload. Heavens-to-betsy what a potential mess for all our elected officials! But who cares?

After all, these are the very people who have bankrupted the nation through their deficit spending; they very people who robbed the social security trust fund to buy political support and get re-elected; the very people who turned a deliberate blind-eye as millions of sub-human, brown, squat monsters invaded our land from the Mexican border, the very people who repeatedly ignored our opposition to Amnesty and tried granting a path to citizenship to the invading hordes; the very people who authorized the second Iraq war and who, after finding out there were no weapons of mass destruction, never bothered to stop the war; the very people who helped assure millions of American jobs went overseas under the guise of free trade; the very people who are standing-by while an ineligible non-natural-born citizen is going to usurp the Presidency; the very people who authorized the shipment of explosives to Israel so they could be used on unarmed men, women and children in Gaza. The list goes on and on.

Wouldn't it be a great day for America and the world to see our federal government dealt with in such a fashion?

Stay tuned. . . . . . .