January 27, 2009

NEXT UP: Richard Fuld former CEO of Lehman Brothers; just sold his $14 million mansion to wife for $100

Greewich, CT -- Next on our list of things to take care of is Mr. Richard Fuld. You may recall that Richard - let's call him "Dick" from now on - was the CEO of Lehman Brothers when it failed.

Dick refused to take responsibility for the failure, which got him punched in the mouth while he was working out on a treadmill at the company HQ. Apparently, the punch in the mouth wasn't good enough for this thick-headed kike.

County real estate records show that Dick recently sold his half of a $14 million Florida mansion, to his wife. Sale price: $100.

This is clearly an attempt to fraudulently convey title to the property as a way to thwart investor lawsuits.

This Dick is clearly a danger and it is time to put a condom (of sorts) on this dick to protect everyone. I advocate putting a condom over the head of this Dick and making sure it cannot leak.

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