January 29, 2009

ONE DAY after Jews cut ties with Vatican, FBI begins investigating Archidiocese of LA over past abuse allegations!

LOS ANGELES -- Federal authorities are investigating the Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles to see whether top church officials tried to cover up the sexual abuse of minors by priests, said a person familiar with the matter.

A federal grand jury has issued subpoenas and begun calling witnesses in the probe, said this person. The investigation is still in its early, fact-gathering stage, and it isn't known whether any criminal charges will result.

This so-called "investigation" comes years after the same Archdiocese settled lawsuits with alleged victims of such abuse and years after the Church itself cleaned these perverts out.

Why would the feds start an investigation of the Curch now? Well, if you take a few steps back and look at the much bigger picture, you'll see that the Chief Rabbi of Israel cut ties with the Vatican earlier this week because The Pope reinstated four Bishops, one of whom says publicly that NO JEWS WERE GASSED TO DEATH in World War 2.

The Jews don't like it when the truth comes out beause the truth interferes with their nefarious scheme to derive economic and emotional benefit from the so-called "Holocaust."

To have a Bishop in the Catholic Church blowing the whistle on the Holocaust scam means big trouble for the Jews, so they are using every means at their disposal to shut the Church up. One of the means at their disposal: The FBI.

It's quite clear the FBI is under control of the Jew. Heck, FBI agents are required to under training by the jewish ADL. The FBI Director gave an award to the ADL for its work against anti-Semitism and Hate. Now, we see just how far jew control of the FBI goes, when just ONE DAY after the Jews cut ties with the Vatican, the FBI opens a criminal probe into the Catholic Church. Disgusting.

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