January 23, 2009

Own a gun? Bill would require you get a license or give them up!

Washington, DC -- A Bill introduced in the House of Representatives would require ALL gun owners to be Licensed by the federal government.

H.R. 45, introduced by Congressman Bobby Rush of IL, says that if you own ANY handgun, or ANY semi-automatic firearm, then you must obtain a federal license to possess those firearms and if you fail to get a license, then you are a FELON.

Congressman Rush says he introduced this Bill because a (non-white) "child" was gunned down on a city school bus while heading home to the projects after a day at school.

I think Congressman Rush may be onto something, but how he would APPLY it is what's wrong with the Bill.

It is abundantly clear (to me at least) that the REAL problem with guns in America is when a non-white possesses them. Almost without fail, a gun in the hands of a brown skinned or black skinned "person" results in its misuse.

As such, I think we ought to re-word Congressman Rush's Bill to apply only to non-whites.

In fact, I think it would be a real eye opener if we started writing letters to Congressman Rush which read exactly as follows:

The Honorable Bobby L. Rush
2416 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515

Congressman Rush:
I am writing concerning Bill H.R. 45 which would license Gun owners. Since 99% of all illegal gun violence is perpetrated by non-White people, I am writing to ask you to amend your Bill to completely ban gun ownership by non-Whites.

After all, Congressman, it isn't the hard-working, decent White folk of this nation that are raping, robbing, pillaging, burning and killing; it's the sub-human Negroes and the brown-squat-monsters from Mexico, central and south America doing all those illegal things.

Gee whiz, Congressman, even your own Democrat Party knows how dangerous the brown-skinned can be. That's why the Democrat Party, over the years, corralled the brown skins into public housing projects. Your own Party wanted to keep them away from decent society!

If your true goal is to reduce crime, then you need to make certain that non-Whites are the ones who are disarmed.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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Trust me, when a Black U.S. Congressman starts getting a whole slew of this kind of perfectly legal, accurate, mail, he will start to understand his own situation very quickly.

What is "his own situation?" When people stop being afraid to say truths like this, he will know the jig is up for him and his ideology. He will start to think "they aren't intimidated by political correctness anymore. They aren't afraid to be in my face with how they feel. If they are willing to say this to me in writing, then what else are they willing to do if I cross them?"

And that will be the end of H.R. 45.

Read the Bill Here

UPDATE 8:57 AM -- In order that I lead by example, I have just sent the exact letter above to Congressman Rush at his Washington, DC office via FAX to 202-226-0333 with my name, address, phone number and signature. Will YOU now step-up and do the same?