January 31, 2009

PATHETIC! RNC Goes Black in lame attempt to mimic Democrats

In a pathetic attempt to mimic the success of the Democrat Party, Republicans have elected a negro as Chairman of the RNC. RINOs like Bret Schundler have finally gotten the "diverse" RNC they wanted and having constructed it, they find themselves totally out of power.

No one wants a Party that constantly plays "me-too." No one wants a party that so blatantly selects leaders and candidates based upon them being non-White. Yet this is exactly what the RNC is doing - and has been doing - since at least the year 2000.

The real problem with the RNC is the so-called "moderates." Folks like Christine Todd-Whitman, Bret Schundler and the like. They have a seriously flawed view of both America and of Republicanism. In fact, their view is so skewed as to be socialistic rather than realistic.

It is time to drive these people out - by force. If they are allowed to remain and continue influencing the party, the GOP will never again see majority election victory at the federal level.

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