January 21, 2009

What Blacks REALLY think of themselves. . . . . .

Some of the most shocking statements about Blacks, ever reported in the U.S. media, are being uttered by American Blacks after the inauguration of the first Black president.

Some of these statements, if uttered by me, would be reviled as "white supremacist" yet now that blacks are saying them, it's all OK.

Take, for example, 107 year old Ann Nixon Cooper of Atlanta, GA. She ecstatically tells CNN that now, blacks can "live like real people." Read it for yourself in the 8th paragraph of this CNN report.

"Live like real people?" HMMMMM. Does that mean you lived like something less? Does it mean you actually KNEW you were something less? Ah ha!

Then there's Jamaal Young, a black guy in Chicago, Illinois, who says that while watching Obama on election night, he "realized that something seemed wrong." What was it that seemed wrong to Jamaal? "A black family was being featured as the first family, not the problem family." (Here)

WOW! A black guy admitting to the fact that Black families are usually "problem families." Interesting!

Later in the same story, CNN's John Blake quite candidly writes "America has often viewed the black family through the prism of its pathologies: single-family homes, absentee fathers, out of wedlock children, they say."

Its pathologies? WHOA!

If I said these same things, I would be reviled as a vicious hate monger; an evil racist; a white supremacist. Wait a minute. I DID day these same things and for doing so I AM reviled!!!!

Guess what? It turns out that good old Hal Turner has been right all along and the reason I was so reviled is because I SPOKE THE TRUTH! Even blacks themselves knew it was the truth.

What an interesting paradox: The election of the first black president reveals that all the things evil racist hatemonger Hal Turner has said about blacks has been true all along. Who'd have thunk it?