February 4, 2009

Business is good; the snow is great; family is fine

North Bergen, NJ -- Just a personal status report on me and my family. Business is good. We are installing replacement windows throughout the New York City / New Jersey metro area. With heating costs having gone up, homeowners are anxious to get better protection from leaky windows, so we're working every day- 6 days a week.

When it snows, we put plows on the trucks we use for work and go out plowing and slating apartment complexes and condos. Our contracts call for us to go out automatically whenever at least two inches of snow has fallen, so we've been getting steady work with the plowing at night. Making good money too.

The family is healthy. We had a great party at the house for the Super Bowl; had about 18 people over. Good socializing and friendship was had by all.

Life is good. I'm happy.