February 26, 2009

FUCK the Constitution; Dems to give DC vote in US House of Representatives!

Washington, DC -- The Congress of the United States is once again poised to trash the Constitution as they move ahead with plans to allow the District of Columbia an actual "Representative" in the US House of Representatives.

The Constitution for the United States of America requires that a certain area not to exceed ten miles square, be the seat of the federal government. That area is Washington, DC.

It is SUPPOSED to be only the seat of government. It is not a state. It has no rights as a state.

Yet the Democrats controlling Congress are once again poised to simply ingore the Constitution by allowing DC to have a Representative.

You folks in Congress need to understand something very simple: Obey the Constitution or some Americans may decide to start killing you.

I know you Democrats arent too smart, so I kept it simple. Is that simple enough for you?

Now obey.

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