February 20, 2009

George Mason University becomes Lunatic Asylum

FAIRFAX, Va. (AP) — George Mason University appears to have ceased being a place for serious education and instead become a lunatic asylum. The students there have chosen a sodomite drag queen as their "Homecoming Queen."

Senior Ryan Allen dresses in drag and doesn't mind being called a queen — homecoming queen, to be exact. Allen, who is gay and performs in drag at nightclubs in the region, said he entered the homecoming contest as a joke, competing as Reann Ballslee, his drag queen persona.

But he considers the victory one of his happiest moments and proof that the suburban Washington, D.C., school famous for its run to the Final Four a few years back celebrates its diverse student body.

I consider the "victory" to be something quite different.

I think the people who voted for this sodomite are lunatics. I think Ryan Allen belongs in a nut house and the people who voted for him belong in a nut house.

I think that any man who dresses up as a woman and is a self-admitted "gay" who, if true to form for such types, engages in sex with other men, belongs in a rubber room.

We have lunatic asylums filled with people who think they're Jesus Christ or Napoleon. No one disputes that they're nuts. Why the disconnect when a man dresses up as a woman and has sex with other men? That seems just as nutty to me!

In any case, if anyone ever needed proof that colleges make people stupid, I think George Mason University has just provided it.

Rest assured the companies I run will not be hiring any graduates from George Mason University the same way we stopped hiring graduates of Michigan State after they admitted to racial preferences for lesser qualified students.

Thankfully it is still quite lawful to intentionally discriminate against a person based upon where they were educated.

If enough of us businessmen start discriminating against these liberal schools, word will spread like wildfire. Imagine the impact on one of these liberal cesspools when the real world stops hiring their graduates through intentional discrimination based upon the school itself!

This will result in a powerful cleansing of liberal filth because if they don't cease their ridiculous indoctrination, the universities will go Bankrupt when people stop attending.

We CAN impose our morality upon them because we in the business world are the ones with the money. It's called "The Golden Rule." The one with the gold, makes the rules.

George Mason University graduates are now officially discriminated against in companies I own, manage or where I retain a seat on the Board of Directors. I am intentionally discriminating and there's nothing anyone can do about it.

Freedom. Ain't it grand?

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