February 24, 2009

I assassinated Sen. Ted Kennedy yesterday in NYC. . . . .

New York, NY -- I had occasion to be at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital at W. 165 St and Broadway in New York City yesterday morning at around 11:00 AM.

Low and behold, who do I see at the main entrance but U.S. Senator Edward "Ted" Kennedy.

It just so happened that at the time I was armed with my Sig Sauer P-229 .40 S&W which I was carrying concealed on my right hip.

I know that Kennedy is suffering from terminal brain cancer in the form of a tumor, and that he is being treated at hospitals in Massachusetts. I also know that when it comes to matters of health care, New York City is THE place to get the absolute state of the art, so it would not be unusual for a guy like Ted Kennedy to be in NYC for treatment.

In fact, this exact hospital is the place where former President Bill Clinton got his heart surgery after leaving office. So "big shots" being there is not a surprise.

Anyway, what first caught my eye was the full mane of white hair atop his head, blowing in the wind. Once that caught my eye, I paid closer attention and thought, "Gee, I know that guy. . . . . . that's . . . . . that's . . . . . . holy shit, it's Ted Kennedy, I'm 5 feet away and I have my gun. "

I've long held the opinion that Ted Kennedy richly deserves to be as dead as his brothers John F. and Bobby, and, for a moment, I relished the opportunity to be the one who got them together!

Kennedy is talking to some women outside the main entrance of the hospital, so I casually go about my business which, at the moment is finding out where the CCTV cameras are, looking around at where the security detail is located, figuring out a place to fire at him where its least likely I'll be caught on camera and how to get to my car which was parked. . . . . where it was parked.

Within seconds I realize that if I move to the middle of Broadway, there's an island in the middle of the street with park benches and bushes, trees and shrubs that provide ideal cover; out of camera range but well within my ability to shoot and kill Kennedy.

I next realize there's absolutely no security detail whatsoever. I thought "This is odd." but who the hell cares since I've already decided to shoot him dead right there on the spot.

I know Kennedy is dying, so he isn't authoring anymore damaging legislation like the 1964 Immigration Reform Act which caused the browning of America. I also know that as a result of that particular legislation, the USA is heading down the road to third-world-ism and for that, I think Ted Kennedy ought to be assassinated -- but that's just my opinion.

I also know that no U.S Senator has any Secret Service Protection or other security detail, but guys like Kennedy are usually surrounded by a throng of people and this guy wasn't. . . . which gave me pause. I thought to myself "Something's not right here"

So I start walking toward a place on Broadway where I can cross the street to the island to kill this bastard and with that, I catch a glimpse of the guy at another angle; totally bald on the top, back of his head.

Now, I know Kennedy has had brain surgery and thus may have a bald spot, but on this guy, the bald spot looked quite natural. So I looked closer, this guy's nose isn't all fouled up like Kennedy's from years of alcoholism. UH Oh, maybe this guy isn't Ted Kennedy.

With that, the guys wife calls him loudly. . . . . . "Gerry, I need my purse from the front seat" and the guy opens a car door and grabs his wife's purse. Holy shit, it's NOT Ted Kennedy.

Naturally, I couldn't shoot the guy because I won't ever kill an innocent person.

But I was taken by how absolutely willing I was to kill a very well known US Senator and how calmly I went about deciding how to do it when I thought the opportunity had arisen.

I wasn't nervous at all. I had no reservations about whether what I was about to do was right or not. I absolutely intended to shoot and kill the son of a bitch and decided to do so within nano-seconds of believing I was seeing the real guy.

I'm just glad I took time enough to look over the potential target closely so I didn't kill the wrong guy.

I would never intentionally hunt down, stalk or make any effort to find Ted Kennedy so as to assassinate him. But when I thought the opportunity presented itself, I was completely willing to do the deed right there on the spot because, in my opinion, like so many other liberal US Senators, Ted Kennedy DESERVES to be assassinated.

Instead, the guy who merely looked like him went on his merry way, I went on my way and the day went by without incident.

I just thought you'd be interested in knowing how matter-of-fact and guilt-free it is to decide within a nano second to kill a liberal.