February 19, 2009

"Mighty U.S. Military" Stalemated in Afghanistan

The mighty U.S. Military has been "stalemated" in Afghanistan by ragheads living in caves.

Under other circumstances, I might chuckle but nowadays this gives me hope.

You see, there is a Second American Revolution in the works and many of us who see the need for such a forcible change in government have rightly been given pause by what our military is capable of. No more.

If our "mighty" military can't defeat small bands of guys on horses who wear filthy towels on their heads, then there is still hope that we Patriots can impose change on the feds here at home.

I look forward to restoring our Constitution and bringing justice to those who have wrecked this nation financially, socially, culturally, religiously, politically and judicially. The last two are most deserving.

The target list is long and distinguished. It will be a pleasure crossing names off it.

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