February 23, 2009

PA Corrupt Judges deserve death

Luzerne County, PA -- As scandals from Wall Street to Washington roil the public trust, the justice system in Luzerne County, in the heart of Pennsylvania's struggling coal country, has also fallen prey to corruption. The county has been rocked by a kickback scandal involving two elected judges who essentially jailed kids for cash. Many of the children had appeared before judges without a lawyer.

The nonprofit Juvenile Law Center in Philadelphia said at least 5,000 children over the past five years appeared before former Luzerne County President Judge Mark Ciavarella. Most appeared on minor charges that elsewhere would result in community service or probation. Instead, most of these kids got lengthy terms of incarceration in the county juvenile system.

Ciavarella pleaded guilty earlier this month to federal criminal charges of fraud and other tax charges, according to the U.S. attorney's office. Former Luzerne County Senior Judge Michael Conahan also pleaded guilty to the same charges. The two secretly received more than $2.6 million in kickbacks, prosecutors said.

Ciavarella, 58, along with Conahan, 56, corruptly and fraudulently "created the potential for an increased number of juvenile offenders to be sent to juvenile detention facilities," federal court documents alleged. Children would be placed in private detention centers, under contract with the court, to increase the head count. In exchange, the two judges received kickbacks of about $2.6 Million dollars from the companies that ran the private detention centers!

The judges have been disbarred and have resigned from their elected positions. They agreed to serve 87 months in prison under their plea deals. Ciavarella and Conahan did not return calls, and their attorneys said they have no comment.

I, on the other hand, do have comments to make.

I think the jail terms and possible fines are not nearly adequate punishment for what these two Judges did. I think the correct punishment would be death.

These Judges not only exploited their public positions to garner wealth for themselves, which is worthy of jail time, they threw the Constitution of the United States down the toilet and shit on it. THAT is why I think they deserve to die.

I'm not certain which federal facility these two judges will end up in but I am certain that wherever they end up, members of Aryan Nations, the Aryan Brotherhood, the Ku Klux Klan or perhaps even Neo Nazis will be there too.

I'm thinking about reaching out to those guys to let them know how these two Judges sold out our race and intentionally, wrongly, jailed perhaps thousands of white kids to enrich themselves.

The White Power groups are quite effective at payback in prisons.

The link below will take you to a video of two white power guys stabbing another guy 67 times in prison. The prison guards are so afraid of the White power guys, they wouldn't even intervene while the other inmate was being stabbed 67 times! The prison guards waited for a SWAT Team in full gear before responding.

So when these judges get to jail, maybe they should be dealt with just like in the video. I would laugh like hell if the last words they ever heard were "Hal Turner says hello" and the acts in video below were repeated on these two judges. In my opinion, that would be "justice."

*****WARNING ***** Graphic violence showing a real murder***** Link to stabbing video