February 2, 2009

Return of The Hal Turner Show???? For the purpose of inciting violence against those who caused the financial mess.

I have begun thinking about bringing my radio show back to the airwaves and to the internet. Instead of discussing news of the day, I think the new incarnation of the show would be very different and quite unique.

Each week, I will focus on a few of the key people involved in the financial meltdown. I will tell everyone what they did and what impact it had on all our lives and then. . . . . . I will give out their home address with the intent they be attacked and seriously harmed!

Yes, you Bankers, Stock Brokers, Hedge Fund Managers, Money Market Gurus and the like are in for a real surprise when I bring my show back. I am going to incite violence against you.

I don't give a crap about your civil rights. I couldn't care less about the law, the police, the courts or their worthless court orders.

I have spun off all my assets, so go ahead and sue me all you want; any judgments you win won't be worth the paper they're written on.

You folks who caused this financial meltdown are going to be hurt. Violently hurt. I'm going to make certain of it.

And you guys who took billions in taxpayer bailout money then pissed it away on parties at lush resorts, fifth corporate jets or super bowl parties. . . . you're gonna get it extra viciously.

Naturally, I cannot use this blog for any of the activities mentioned above because that would violate the Terms of Service. So I'll have to put some servers back into data centers like I had before and lease my own data lines so that they can't be shut down. That's gonna take some serious cash (again) and I think my audience is ready to help.

If you readers want to help bring back my show so we can start dealing with the douche bags who caused the financial meltdown, mail an ANONYMOUS donation in cash or blank money order (So you cannot be tracked) to:

Hal Turner
1906 Paterson Plank Road
North Bergen, NJ

For you folks who stupidly think that doing violence is the wrong approach and that we should let the law take care of it, consider this: How many of the financial hot shots who wrecked the economy have been arrested? 1. Bernie Madoff.

How many are being sued by the Securities and Exchange Commission for the frauds they perpetrated? 1. Bernie Madoff.

The law isn't going after these scumbags who cost us trillions. In fact, instead opf arresting these people for the outright fraud they perpetrated, the government is doing the exact opposite: they're giving these scumbags billions MORE in loans!!!! It's absurd!

Clearly the law isn't going to solve the problem. Something else needs to solve the problem. I say its time to start kicking the living shit out of these people to make an example out of them so others won't do what they've done. Want to help? Send an anonymous donation. I'll take care of the rest.