February 25, 2009

Rich Kuwaitis to fund U.S. Militias & Pro-White groups!

For the past eighteen (18) months, prominent figures in the U.S. White Nationalist movement (guess who?) have been speaking with like-minded people from around the world regarding our common enemy: The greedy, money-changing, perversion-pushing, politically-connected, culture-wreckers.

Believe it or not, there is much common ground between God-fearing people's of foreign lands and we Racial Identity, Christian White nationalists, as well as Militia members, here in the USA. A LOT of common ground.

It turns out that whether He is called YAHWEH or ALLAH, people throughout the world who have His law written upon our hearts have awakened. We realize that He has many faces, but one voice. We have come to understand that unity of purpose on a global scale is needed now more than ever.

Regardless of which - or no - formal religious affiliations we may have. . . . . regardless of what political party we may favor, many many of us see our nations being wrecked financially, politically, religiously, culturally and socially -- all by the same insidious group of satanic spawn.

These satanic spawn have bought themselves access and extreme power in and over the political systems of many lands - including here in the USA -- to the detriment of hundreds of millions of decent people.

We and our like-minded foreign friends also agree that talking about these problems is no longer an option; it is time to act against these destroyers and those who do their bidding. It is time to clean house.

Dangerous Liaisons

As you can well understand, many of the meetings with like-minded foreign friends over the past 18 months were taken in absolute secrecy. Most of them took place here in the New York City area and were attended by at least one person with whom I am intimately acquainted . . . . (guess who?) Other meetings took place in Europe and the Middle East.

A major obstacle to this undertaking was the need to thoroughly "vet" the folks involved to make certain there were no dual loyalties. The enemy is adept at infiltrating and eavesdropping. Each participant in this effort knew/knows that infiltration means defeat. Great care was taken to make certain no infiltration took place and it didn't.

Months and months of checks, verifications, meetings, disclosures, unauthorized and unreported travel to and from the USA via private jets were required to lay the foundations for any type of possible alliance. Enormous sums of money from overseas funded this lengthy process and much much more money is now available for future undertakings!

Those White Nationalists with a real track record of real action were approached and recruited to the basic organization. Those who do nothing but sit back and talk were not approached.

The vetting process was completed in early January. Those involved both here and abroad are completely comfortable that the right people are in the right place, at the right time, for the right reasons, to undertake together, what must be done.

Here in the USA, what must be done is a sudden, dramatic and irreversible change to the federal government. The feds are out of control, ignoring the Constitution, Bankrupting the nation and have become extremely dangerous. They have not stopped on their own so it has become clear that change will have to be imposed.

To do that will require a sizable number of people and the "prominent figures of the pro-White movement" involved in this endeavor know right where to get them: The pro-White movement itself and the several militias.

Sadly, a considerable number of the people presently involved in both such groups are informants for the FBI. None of their identities is ever outed, but the smear of "FBI Informant" is routinely hurled at the most effective people in the movement in an effort to destroy their effectiveness.

Sorting out the Bullshitters

In order to confirm for potential recruits in the USA that huge funding, equipment and cooperation was to be made available, a very public thing had to happen. Nothing violent, mind you, just something very public that could be easily verified by those with doubts.

That confirmation came on February 2, 2009 during a speech delivered in the Middle Eastern country of Qatar by Professor Abdallah Al-Nafisi of Kuwait, in a speech that aired on Al-Jazeera television.

While the professor talked about Anthrax attacks -- which the USA contingent have already decided are NOT necessary -- he also made clear whom he looks forward to working with here in the USA: White nationalists, Militias, Racists and the Ku Klux Klan. Yes, he really said that.

Wealthy Arabs rescuing the pro-White movement; who would have thunk it?

Video Proof

The 9 minute video below was taken directly from Al-Jazeera TV. It aired on February 2.

The purpose of this posting and the video is to confirm that "The Movement" now has at its disposal, vast, reliable funding. In fact, the funding that has already come has allowed us to purchase over forty thousand (40,000) rounds of ammunition, each and every day, for weeks.

The reason there is now an ammunition shortage in the USA has to do in great part with the fact that we have been stocking up in all 50 states! Think I'm kidding? Go to your local gun store and see how much ammo is left on their shelves.

This new arrangement with foreign friends has also enabled access to certain "equipment" -- the kind of equipment usually attributed only to sovereign entities -- necessary to effectuate "change" here in America. Change that will restore our Constitutional Republic and cleanse the political, social and cultural filth from which we suffer.

Those of you who have been sitting on the fence - or sitting behind keyboards - now need to choose sides. Something very big is coming. It will be sudden, Dramatic. Irreversible.

If you refuse to take a side or if you stand with those who have wrecked our nation, get your affairs in order.

We're in the Winter of our discontent but trust me, it's going to be a LONG, HOT Summer here in America.