February 21, 2009

Switzerland Politicos Talk RETALIATION AGAINST USA over Banking privacy lawsuits

Zurich, Switzerland -- The right-wing Swiss People's Party (SVP) called on Saturday for retaliation against the United States over a U.S. tax probe into the country's biggest bank UBS that threatens prized banking secrecy.

The populist SVP, the country's biggest party, said Switzerland should not take in any detainees from the U.S. prison for terrorism suspects at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba, which the Swiss government said last month it could consider to help shut the camp down.

Switzerland should also reconsider its policy of representing the United States in countries where it has no diplomatic presence, the parliamentary SVP said in a statement.

The SVP said gold stored by the Swiss National Bank in the United States should be repatriated and Switzerland should ban the sale of U.S. funds in the country to protect Swiss investors after the failure of U.S. regulators.

I think Switzerland would do well to reconsider its approach.

In my experience, the US Government, especially the Justice Department, is so arrogant, they couldn't care less about the types of political retaliation you're mentioning. Want to know what works? Timothy McVeigh-type truck bombs!

Force and violence is the only thing the US government really understands. It's the only thing they truly respect.

You can bitch and moan all you want and the US government won't care one wit. But start blowing them up and they will finally pay attention.

The key to dealing with US Government types is killing them one after another after another until they replace the dead ones with someone that values his life more than his job.

For instance, look at former mob boss, John Gotti. He let the government prosecute him over and over and over again. Finally, they managed to convince a Jury to convict; which got Gotti jailed til he died.

If I was Gotti, I would have put out hits on the US attorneys. I would have ordered them murdered one after another after another until they wised up and stopped coming after me.

Gotti failed to do that and ended up dying in Prison.

Look at another example: The Branch Davidians in Waco, TX. The BATF attacked them in their church, but the Branch Davidians outfought the BATF.

After several hours of brutal gun fighting, the BATF was running out of ammunition and asked for a cease fire. The Branch Davidians agreed. Big mistake.

51 days later, the government drove tanks through the church, burning more than 80 men, women and children to death.

What I took away from that situation is this: If you fight the government to the point where they ask for a cease fire, don't grant one. Instead, go out and kill them all right then and there. Gun down every government person that attacked you because if you fail to go out and kill them all, they will come back with tanks and kill all of you!

It's really too bad for Switzerland that the Justice Department is in a separate building from the FBI Headquarters. If they were both in the same building, I might have even volunteered to drive a truck bomb there to blow it up myself.

While the rank and file FBI folks are usually decent, hard-working types, the FBI HQ is something quite different: a den of vipers. The upper management people at FBI HQ are fucking snakes who deserve to be blown up. But, I digress.

So, Switzerland, do what you will, but unless you act as I mentioned above, the US government won't give you the time of day.

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