February 28, 2009

This is what cops SHOULD do!!! Beat the shit out of them!

A big bru-ha-ha is brewing after video inside a jail captured images of a Sheriff's Deputy beating the shit out of a clearly obnoxious, mouthy, little bitch who was arrested for "taking someone's car without permission."

Where I come from, that's called auto theft.

Maybe if her parents raised her better, she wouldn't have taken someone else's property and gotten arrested. Even if she's innocent of that charge, maybe if her parents raised her better, she would know to RESPECT AUTHORITY and not mouth off to the cops.

Watch the video below and keep in mind that in my view, the cops did the right thing. It's just too bad it got caught on camera. I think this type of thing should happen FAR MORE OFTEN!

When I was kid growing up, my father told me "Don't you EVER get arrested because if you do, I will come bail you out then beat the shit out of you all the way home for embarrasing the entire family!"

In addition, when I was growing up, we knew that if we were hanging out somewhere and a cop got called because we were rouwdy, if he told us to "move along" we'd better move. If we didn't, we KNEW we'd get the nightstick. We also knew that if any of us was stupid enough to raise a hand to a cop, we would get taken in, then "fall down a flight of stairs" in the police station.

When I was a kid, the law meant something. Good people did't fuck with the law.

Nowadays, some of the kids are so fucking brazen, they tell their own parents they will call the cops if the parent smacks them!

Here's how to deal with that:

If your child is mis-behaving to the point where physical discipline is in order, and they dare to threaten you with calling the cops or Family services, ask them the following question:

If you called the cops right now and told them I was beating you bloody, how long do you think it would take the cops to get here?

A minute? Two or three minutes?

When the child answers, then ask: In that time, how many times do you think I can bash your skull against the floor/wall. . . . .whatever.

This will cause the kid to truly understand how absolutely vulnerable to your discipline they are. It will instantly establish who is the boss and what physical punishment they may face if they continue mis-behaving.

Usually, at that point, the kid backs down and you don't NEED to use physical force. If, however, they still challenge you, knock the heck outta them.

Trust me, whatever corporal punishment you apply out of love and necessity will be far less than the terrors they might experience in the "system."

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