February 12, 2009

Warning to the U.S. House of Representatives

You promised to publish on the internet, the economic stimulus Bill so We The People could have 48 hours to look it over before you voted on it. According to Human Events, you lied.

I hereby remind the U.S. House of Representatives what I did to the United States Senate when they scheduled a final vote on an important Bill before the American People had a chance to be heard: I published on the internet, the unlisted home telephone numbers and home addresses of the 64 U.S. Senators who pushed for that particular Bill.

If the House of Representatives votes on the massive economic stimulus Bill before We The People get to read it, I will publish the home addresses and unlisted telephone numbers for every Representative who casts a vote.

I will intentionally incite people to show up at your houses this weekend to. . . . . give you. . . . . a piece of their mind. Yea. That's the ticket. A piece of their mind. Yea. Sure. Although once they have you within arms reach they may decide upon a very different course of action.

You are not going to spend almost $800 Billion of our money without us first having a chance to see what you intend to spend it on and if you do, we will come to see you where you live.

Be very careful. We're watching and we don't like what we see. You've been warned.

Now go ahead and run to the FBI or the US Capitol Police about this. See if I give a crap about them or any other federal agency. I don't. I absolutely will do what I say and no one-- no law enforcement agency, US Attorney or federal Judge can do a damn thing to stop me.