March 9, 2009

Bill White: Seriously mentally ill and getting worse

A blog site published by a Bill White sycophant is claiming I contacted Bill by regular postal mail while he has been awaiting trial in jail. This is a lie.

The same blog claims the letter(s) allegedly sent by me contained racially inflammatory language and were thus rejected by the jail. This is also a lie.

These claims are an outrage. NOT ONCE have I bothered to write to Bill White while he has been in jail.

I made clear on my blog from the day he was arrested that his deceitful actions and overt lies against me over the past few years made it impossible for me to support him in any way.

I have not written to him and would never send a racially tinged letter to anyone who was incarcerated.

Proof of this were the numerous letters exchanged between myself and a true White Activist, Chester Doles, while he was incarcerated. None of my letters were returned and none of his letters to me were intercepted or halted.

I have not and will not write to Bill White because he has proved to be irrational and seriously mentally ill.

For him to say otherwise, even after so many months in jail, underscores the seriousness of his mental illness. After all, if I did what he claimed, and the letters were sent back, he would never have known they came. So his assertion that I sent racially inflammatory letters is false on its face.


Yesterday, I was contacted by someone who wants to assist with the return of my radio show. I took this development as an opportunity to probe for infiltration and I spoke to only one OTHER person about my possible return to the airwaves.

Less than 24 hours later, the blog in question posts something that would created friction between me and others in the pro-White movement. Already, an effort is undertaken to discredit me and sew seeds of doubt. Gee, what a coincidence.

Actually not. Now I know who cannot be trusted.