March 31, 2009

Coming Wednesday:

In my ongoing effort to improve "The Hal Turner Show" I will introduce a brand new segment to my show this week. The new segment will be called "VIGILANTE JUSTICE GAME" and, as the name implies, it will designate as a contestant in the game, a person deserving of vigilante justice.

Our first contestant will be Mr. Joseph Cassano. This Brooklyn-born slime-bag headed the Financial Products Division of AIG and made himself more than three hundred million dollars, by getting AIG on the hook insuring almost a trillion dollars in bad debts.

Thanks to this individual, AIG was virtually destroyed, requiring WE THE PEOPLE to bail out that company.

Mr. Cassano presently resides in London, England with his wife, but owns a home in Westport, CT, USA. He and his wife enjoy lobster dinners weekly at posh London restaurants and he goes biking each day for exercise.

On my show this Wednesday, I will release photos of this man, photos of his $8 million London Town House, the address of his townhouse, the name of the restaurant that he eats lunch at each day (at 12 noon sharp), the name of the restaurant he and his wife dine at almost every night, photos of and the FAA registration information for his private jet, photos and the address of his home in Wesport, CT and other details that will make it possible for virtually anyone to locate this man and deliver-up some street justice for what he did.

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