March 11, 2009

Germany charges alleged Nazi guard John Demjanjuk over 29,000 murders

Munich, Germany -- Munich Prosecutors have charged 88 year old John Demjanjuk of Cleveland, OH with being an Accessory to twenty-nine-thousand (29,000) murders which allegedly took place in a concentration camp during World War 2.

At first glance, the whole notion of going after an 88 year old man for what he did or didn't do as a soldier during war, seemed absurd. But now I think this could be a very good thing.

In order to prove Demjanjuk was an accessory to these alleged crimes, Prosecutors will be forced to prove that those "murders" actually took place.

Prosecutors will have to NAME each and every alleged victim.

Prosecutors will have to introduce into evidence, forensic analysis PROVING each of the 29,000 was actually murdered, which means they will have to perform 29,000 autopsies.

Since these alleged "murders" took place more than fifty years ago, the corpses are completely decomposed, so unless these 29,000 people have bullet holes in their heads, proving how they died will be almost impossible.

Even if they all have bullet holes in them, who is to say they weren't soldiers who were shot in the war?

In addition, many of these alleged victims were buried in mass graves which were bulldozed-over when closed. So any physical trauma evidenced by forensic analysis of the bones could be attributable to the bulldozers.

In their obsessive effort to prove a "holocaust" (which did not occur) the Jews may have finally stepped on their own dicks. When prosecutors are unable to provide forensic evidence proving these alleged victims were even murdered and Demjanjuk walks away a free man, it will be one more nail in the coffin of the alleged Holocaust.

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