March 8, 2009

Liberals: Worthy of being killed

I have long believed that "Liberals" were merely good-intentioned but naive people. I truly believed that once they were shown empirical evidence of the incorrect world views they hold, they would correct the error of their ways and become normal. I was wrong on all counts.

Liberals are not good-intentioned; they are mentally twisted.

Liberals are not naive, they're cunning.

Liberals don't need to see empirical evidence proving their worldview is wrong, they already know about the empirical evidence and deliberately ignore it.

The list of crimes against humanity perpetrated by Liberals is long:
Liberals are the source of the cultural filth polluting our society. Liberals are the source of racial upheaval; forcing the races together through artificial, forced integration. Liberals are the source of sexual perversion; condoning the most hideous crimes against nature and even teaching such biological obscenities to children. Liberals are the source of the sapping of natural human spirit through programs that reward laziness through welfare, food stamps and the like. Liberals are the source of our present financial collapse, demanding loans be made to non-citizens and those whose credit history proved them unworthy under threat of smearing the financial sector as "racist" for refusing to lend to the unworthy.

In short, liberals are the quintessential evil of our time and they are worthy of being killed.

I advocate killing liberals. The more the merrier; the sooner the better!