March 15, 2009

Obama OK's War Crimes Charges Against Israeli Leaders

In a sharp break with their Middle Eastern ally Israel, Russian Foreign Ministry sources are reporting today that President Obama has signaled his approval for United States participation in International Criminal Court (ICC) proceedings seeking to indict Israeli leaders for ‘crimes against humanity’ over their wholesale destruction of Gaza and their apartheid policies implemented against the Palestinian peoples in the West Bank.

President Obama, in beginning this shift in US allegiances in the Middle East, gave American approval for the International Criminal Courts unprecedented action of issuing the first arrest warrant in history for a sitting head of state when last week it ordered the apprehension of Sudan President Omar Hassan Ahmad Al Bashir for crimes against humanity, and which these reports state he intends to be the ‘cover’ protecting him from being charged as being biased against the Jewish state.

These reports further state that President Obama became ‘enraged’ last week when Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat launched an attack against US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton and called her ‘ill informed’ when she protested Israel’s demolition of Palestinian homes and called the destruction a violation of the US peace plan for the region.

In an unprecedented snub of the new US President, Israel’s Peace Now rights group further reported that the Jewish state was beginning plans to build 73,000 new homes for their citizens in the occupied West Bank, and which Russian International law expert’s state is a blatant violation of the Geneva Convention.

The European Union is also reported to be joining President Obama’s efforts against Israel and have issued a new report accusing Israel of ‘actively pursuing the illegal annexation’ of East Jerusalem in clear violation of International law.

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