March 17, 2009

Obama Received a $101,332 Bonus from AIG !!

Barack Obama received a "bonus" from AIG in the form of $101,332 in contributions to his campaign according to

The A.I.G. Financial Products affiliate of A.I.G. gave out $136,928, the most of any AIG affiliate, in the 2008 cycle. A.I.G.’s financial products division is the unit that wrote trillions of dollars’ worth of credit-default swaps and "misjudged" the risk.

The other top recipient of AIG political money was none other than Senator Chris Dodd, Chairman of the Senate Banking Committee that originated and pushed through, hundreds of billions in bailout money. Again, according to, the facts are irrefutable.

One hand washes the other. Obama and Dodd benefited from AIG campaign money and both men returned the favor by using the power of their offices to bailout AIG with taxpayer money.

Our system of government is a very good one, but the people in it are rotten to the core. It is long overdue they be run out of town at the end of pitchforks.

It is time to use our absolute right to alter or abolish the federal government. I advocate doing so by any means necessary, immediately.